Managed IT Service

Managed Capacity offers a pricing-based information technology outsourcing model. We call it Managed Capacity Engagement Model. In Managed Capacity business model, the customer purchases/buys a specific quantity of person-hours or person-days from the vendor/supplier, at a pre-negotiated rate. These work hours are then utilized around different tasks and processes that matches up to the client’s business needs.

For large insurance firms, Managed Capacity model has its own justification. But such a pricing-based model no longer finds favor as a preferred engagement model for Regional and Mid-Tier companies. Even if companies may feel the need for non-permanent skills-sets from third parties to help back up their major project initiatives, it’s still not the perfect or chosen model.

To maximize on IT budgets, on-time delivery, and improve ability to better serve business constituents, the Managed Capacity model is not ideally preferred. There are reasons why pure Managed Capacity is a costly and counterproductive IT support strategy especially for Regional and Mid-Tier firms.

For the benefit of our customers, NOVITY presents some of the top ten reasons why pure Staff Augmentation/ Managed Capacity is a costly and counterproductive IT support strategy for Mid-Tier and Regional Property and Casualty Carriers. Here they are:

Top-Ten Reasons:
  • Unpredictable
  • Risky
  • Time-consuming
  • Costly
  • No process improvement
  • Limited performance metrics
  • No partner accountability
  • No partner thought leadership
  • No managed outcomes
  • You're just another customer purchasing contract labor for hire

Imagine having a true strategic IT support partner that

Understands your business inventory; invests time to understand your environment; collaborates with your internal IT organization to obtain managed output to:

  • Estimate your backlog and forthcoming requirements and workloads
  • Professional skills required, opportunities to fix price projects with predictability and responsibility
  • Provides dedicated recruiting to your organization
  • Looks to improve your processes and core competencies
  • Conducts ongoing client satisfaction
  • Aligns our accountability to ensure budget conformity and quality management
  • Lens on driving savings for self-financing new initiatives
  • Flexible & well-managed delivery that include onshore/offshore models

We call it NOVITY Managed Capacity; our clients call it a better way to partner..

What is NOVITY Managed Capacity? NOVITY capacity is a structured and proactive IT services support model with proven best practices that differs significantly from a pure staff augmentation.

Pure Staff Augmentation based models provide contract labor skills that can be unpredictable, challenging to secure, risky to the client organization and with no real partner accountability or loyalty.

NOVITY Solutions. invests the time on the front-end to get a clear understanding of your present and forthcoming requirements. We establish an accountability model with time frames for deployment, metrics and budget alignment. We ensure that the client has exactly the support they require when they need it without the distraction of having the client screen resumes from several contractors. Lastly, we secure candidates with unknown identities to perform the tasks required.

To learn if this model is the one for you, Contact Us! and we’ll be pleased to answer your queries.