Banking Sector

Amid stringent global regulatory and security reforms, financial institutions, investment firms and banks today are faced with many challenges. How should banks’ evolve their operating models to stay competitive? What is the best approach to raise and oversee capital?

Capital Markets firms are seeking tangible business outcomes that bring great economic value. In providing secure, efficient and reliable infrastructure, NOVITY ’s Capital Markets consulting solutions offer to help you run your business better and run differently. Our next-generation Capital Markets trading solutions will help you gain industry insights that will transform your business to increase customer loyalty, revenue and reach operational efficiency.

The NOVITY Advantage

NOVITY ’s quick-to-launch trading solutions portfolio is specifically designed for today's information-driven business requirements. Whether you operate as a dealer, a broker, an IFA, an insurance company, a transfer agency, a distributor or an asset manager, our deep domain expertise in providing Capital Markets trading tools can help your business to take advantage of maximum performance and best results.

From trade execution to performance management, our secure, compliant, and scalable solutions are developed and customized to cover end-to-end processes, such as:

Capital Markets: Building blocks for next generation trading solutions:

What Stocinn is all about?

Stocinn is a blend of transformable technological tools to represent capital market data, in an intuitive and interactive manner, adopted by banking and financial institutions for sustainable growth and revenue. You can:

Our Customizable Assets

What you need is speed and accuracy in a real-time environment to be able to outpace your competitors. Therefore, comprehensive suite of services will help you drive innovation, cost-effectively streamline your operations, and improve agility.

NOVITY ’s market-relevant experience underpinning our services in the Capital Markets industry gives us necessary competency to understand the business needs, the dynamics of the changing global industry, including trends and challenges our customers face. Our customizable assets include:

How We Can Help

  • Use our artificial-intelligence powered SPEND ANALYSIS solution to create up-to-date, granular visibility into all categories of spending worldwide and to manage spending in context of global commodity market-price movements. 
  • Use STRATEGIC SOURCING to dramatically accelerate complex sourcing and supply network design initiatives. The solution facilitates extensive cross-functional, cross-regional collaboration across all sourcing stages (from requirements definition through reward) and can handle entire spectrum from simple categories to sourcing initiatives comprising tens of thousands of line items. 
  • Use CONTRACT MANAGEMENT to rapidly build, negotiate and execute creative contracts, containing all necessary terms related to safety regulation, policy compliance and risk avoidance. Effectively manage dynamic pricing and location terms across complete contract lifecycles. 
  • Use SUPPLIER MANAGEMENT to expand and accelerate supplier discovery and on boarding and to manage critical supplier audit, certification and safety credentials. Model custom KPIs and KPI-weighting systems to optimize ongoing supply-risk assessment & mitigation and supplier performance management & development activities consistently and systematically across multiple geographies. 
  • Use FINANCIAL SAVINGS MANAGEMENT to align procurement with both bottom- and top-line business performance objectives and to document and demonstrate how sourcing, procurement and supply management is helping the enterprise to win the great innovation race currently underway in global energy markets. 
  • Use PROCURE-TO-PAY to streamline and speed up requisition and purchase order workflows, free internal talent to focus on supporting key innovation initiatives and to monitor and drive compliance to preferred supplier contracts, terms and conditions