Application Development

NOVITY has emerged as one of the leading companies in Mobile application development arena. We have developed and deployed cutting-edge smart Mobile applications on several industry standard operating systems including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry.

Change has been a synonym for challenge in the Mobile Technology over the years. Especially in the recent years, rise of SmartPhones, increasing consumerism of IT and the new generation of tech-savvy workforce demands a more sophisticated and easily accessible application platform. This Mobile revolution has opened gates to a host of opportunities in Mobile applications development for software vendors.

Mobile devise manufacturers and service providers, semiconductor and the application services vendors OEMs are under tremendous pressure to differentiate themselves in terms of the user interface and leverage of the evolved and next-gen Mobile operating platforms such as – Android and other emerging open source platforms.

NOVITY’s Mobile applications development competency includes applying a range of feature-rich content types and data along with several domain-specific implementations:

  • Business data
  • Image processing
  • Media streaming
  • Financial data
  • Data apps
  • Promotional apps
  • Mobile Healthcare
  • Geographical positioning data
  • Media Commerce/content
  • Consumer mobility